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--- Title: Readme for holgersson-overlay Author: Nils Freydank <holgersson [ascii-symbol-64] posteo [ascii-symbol-46] de> ---


This is my private and unofficial overlay for Gentoo/Linux. There will be different ebuilds from different sources, hopefully only temporary before submitting to the main Gentoo bugtracker resp. to the main portage tree.

Setup & synchronisation

Just run layman from app-portage/layman with needed privileges, e.g. root:

and optional for global updates:

You might set USE="sync-plugin-portage" for layman, too.


If you encounter bugs, please send a mail to holgersson [ascii-symbol-64] posteo [ascii-symbol-46] de or open a bug report on the main Gentoo bugtracker (please remember to Cc me there). Bug descriptions, suggestions, patches, critics and chorus of praise are all welcome!

GPG key ID: 0x00EF D31F 1B60 D5DB ADB8 31C1 C0EC E696 0E54 475B


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The ebuilds are licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 for compability with the main Gentoo/portage tree.